Park Jin-young writes song for Will Smith


A well-known Korean songwriter has found his way into the American pop music industry.
Park Jin-young, 32, a Korean singer and songwriter, has written a song for Will Smith's new album "Lost and Found." Back in the 1990s when Mr. Park was dancing on stage in tight, see-through shirts, not so many people thought he would become the first Korean songwriter to break into the highly competitive American pop music market. Mr. Park himself says he had no idea of his luck.
However, Smith is not the first big star to have a song penned by Mr. Park. Before him, Mase, a well-known U.S. rapper who took a break as a singer to pursue a life as a priest, made a comeback last year with one of Mr. Park's songs.
The album, "Lost and Found," was ranked sixth on the Billboard chart in the first week since its release.
Mr. Park says the secret to his successful entrance into the U.S. music industry is actually simple. Mr. Park said that he knew how to dance and how to write lyrics. So, he could write appealing songs. To make a song that makes listeners move their body, you should at least be able to dance at least up to a certain level. Also, if you know how to write lyrics, you get more ideas to make proper music to them.
For American musicians, what Mr. Park emphasized seemed to work perfectly. Park said that if people start moving their heads and bodies when you play your song, it is a sign that the song will sell. Those who have chosen to sing Park's songs include well-known groups such as Outkast.

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