Topic Request for K-Pop 101~~~!
  • 2017-10-07
  • Jiji1221

Hello! I’m a grad school student, born, raised and living in Seoul.

Growing up listening to mostly English-spoken music by choice, I fell into K-pop의 매력 relatively late.

I really enjoy listening to the Monday segment K-pop 101, because Jakob seems to have a broad and in-depth knowledge about K-pop regardless of genres and era, which leads to unique song ions compared to K-pop reaction videos on youtube where I mostly see other foreigners who enjoy K-pop. Through K-pop 101, I learn about many hidden jewels of Kpop that are hard to reach younger Korean generation. I find older K-pop as hip and somewhat crazier and more interesting than nowadays K-pop. Especially because I am learning this from an expert from overseas, I feel more proud of our music! :D

My favorite song from K-pop101 so far was 너에게 원한건 by 노이즈, partially because my favorite group covered it, Red velvet~~ :D

But I have a 고민, that most of my favorite songs from the group are not registered in 노래방...! In fact, 노래방 only register singles and just a few other songs from one album. But there are so many songs that are golden but never got a chance to shine. And I think especially those of idol groups are underrated the most, musically. 

So, I request the topic, Hidden Jewels of idol music? :)

Wish Lena and team One Fine Day lovely hoilidays~~~

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