The Boys That Have Returned As Real Men: BTS (Bangtan Boys)



The Boys That Have Returned As Real Men: BTS (Bangtan Boys)

Hello Backstage Chat viewers.
We’re the Bangtan Boys.

To be honest, we’re not officially promoting right now. But we did release our album “Skool Luv Affair” recently and even released a repackaged album shortly after featuring one new song, “It’s Right”.

This question is from our listener Maria Núñez in Peru. Is there a music genre that you guys want to attempt? And where do you want to go for summer vacation?

Rap Monster: We have hip hop as our base and the focus on other musical elements. Rather than trying out a new genre, we think it’d be interesting to mix hip hop and other music and create fusion music.
J Hope: While listening to that kind of music I want to go to the ocean.
Rap Monster: The ocean? That’d be great.
V: While listening to that kind of music I want to go to Geochang.
Jin: Geochang is your hometown.
Jung-gook: I want to go to Busan.
Suga: I want to go to Peru.

This is from listener Daniela Sandoval in Peru. Would you want to learn Spanish, especially because you have so many fans in South America.

Rap Monster: I heard Spanish is an incredibly influential language. It’s up there right along English and Chinese. But I did hear that it’s difficult for those with a Korean accent. So I don’t know if that’d be possible.
Suga: I’d want to learn it if given the chance.
Rap Monster: It’s great to learn new languages…

Another question from Daniela Sandoval in Peru. What thoughts come to mind when you see fans singing along with your songs at your concerts?

J Hope: I start to get fired up too…When we hear loud cheers from the fans, we get spurred on and want to work harder and give a better performance.
Jin: I get moved. It’s moves me to see our fans memorize all the lyrics and sing along.

This next question is from our English broadcast listener Paritosh Chattopadhyay. What is most memorable from your debut?

Jimin: I remember our debut showcase. We worked hard to prepare and we were so nervous. I still remember. From our debut, I remember our showcase the most.
Jung-gook: We received a really big cake at our debut showcase. I remember that cake the most.
J Hope: Maybe you wanted to eat it.
Jung-gook: It wasn’t a cake for eating. It was more of a pretty cake for decorations.

This question is from our English broadcast listener Nora Erina. What’s your most memorable moment with a fan?

Suga: We had this inauguration ceremony not too long back that was memorable. It was an inauguration ceremony where we were performing kind of a concert for a lot of fans. It was very memorable and left a deep impression.

This question is from our English broadcast listener Clara Cindy Christabelle. Do you have any plans for sub-unit group promotions?

Rap Monster: Of course, should the opportunity come we’d love to. However, like our group name Bangtan Boys (**in Korean, 방탄소년단 implies a strong sense of team or togetherness), we want to show off our talents as a team and then I’m sure each of us have ambitions of maybe trying out subunits if the opportunity arises down the line.

This next question is again from Clara Cindy Christabelle. What are the words you most want to hear from your producer Bang Shi-hyuk?

Rap Monster: “You wrote this rap really well” is what I like the best. Those words were the most memorable.
Jimin:“You’re singing improved a lot.”
Jung-gook: Me too.
Suga:“That song’s pretty good.”
Rap Monster: I think we all have similar answers.

This question is from English broadcast listener Elyza Othman for Rap Monster. How did you feel being chosen as the group’s leader?

Rap Monster: It was a lot of pressure in the beginning to be honest. It may seem like not a big deal, but it also can be a really big responsibility. I thought that I needed to get my head on straight [for the role].

This question is for Jin. What dish can you cook the best?

Jin: Because I’m a strict dieter, I’m really good with chicken breast dishes. Chicken breast stew or chicken breast fried rice, chicken breast sandwich, etc.

Do you cook and eat together?

Rap Monster: He shared often with us.
Jin: I usually eat alone. But when working, we eat together.

This question is for J Hope. You give people joy by always smiling on camera. However, what do you do when you get sad or feel down?

J Hope: Me? I really try to smile or laugh even when down. When I smile or laugh, my sadness tends to go away.
Rap Monster: You smile and laugh more? Using laughter to get laughter.
J Hope: You have to laugh. People need to smile.

This question is for Suga. We love your songs. How long does it typically take to finish writing one song?

Suga: I never really thought about it. I am on the quicker side when it comes to writing songs. With inspiration, I tend to be quick in working on it. I usually finish one song in a day or two.

This question is for V. What hair color do you like the most? Why?

V: This is the first time being asked such a question. I think I liked my orange hair the best. I liked that I got a bit more namepower because of my orange hair when promoting our “Boy In Luv” album.

This question is for Jung-gook. How’s high school life? Is student life fun?

Jung-gook: I couldn’t go to school often so I couldn’t see my friends too much which was sad. If I get the chance later, I want to get closer with my classmates.

This question is from our English broadcast listener Elyza Othman. What do you do when you wake up in the morning?

Jin: Each member is different. For me, I eat as soon as I wake up. J Hope says he washes up first. Suga gets ready in the blink of an eye and is in the car waiting, Jimin too wakes up first and eats and washes up. (Points at Jung-gook) He’s the hardest to wake.
Jung-gook: I need a lot of sleep.

KBS World Radio listeners!
We hope you enjoyed our answers.
We are the Bangtan Boys.
Thank you!

The Boys That Have Returned As Real Men: BTS (Bangtan Boys)

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