Episode 14. Ayo Kita Lihat Seni Beladiri Tradisional Korea (2)


Taekkyeon Demonstrations[Detail]

Taekkyeon is one part of intangible Korean culture that you can see various demonstrations of in Seoul. You can see the martial art up close at the Taekkyeon demonstrations held twice a week every Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. from the end of May to early November in Insadong. The events are sponsored by the KyulyunTaekkyeon Association. Please visit the Kyulyun Taekkyeon homepage for information regarding dates and times.

Address; Seoul, Jongro-gu Insadong 110
Phone: 02-733-2469
Homepage: http://tkbattle.com
How to get there: Take line number three to Jongro 3ga and go out exit 1 (it is within 15 minutes walking dance) or take line 1 to Jonggak, exit 3 (15 minutes by walking).
Place: Insadong Naminsa Madang, Folk Games Field (Minsok Noli Madang)
Price: Free

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