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#06. The Beautiful Pilgrimage Route in Jeollabuk-do Province

#The Korea Travel Log l 2018-09-28

The Korea Travel Log

If Europe has the world-renowned pilgrimage route, Camino de Santiago, Korea has the Beautiful Pilgrimage Route in Jeollabuk-do Province.

In celebration of Easter, one of the greatest religious holidays, this week’s episode of the Korea Travel Log introduces walking courses which pass through various holy sites, both Christian and Buddhist.

Among the Jeollabuk-do pilgrimage route’s four courses, we follow Course No. 4, where visitors can stop by Nabawi Catholic Church, a beautiful architecture that combines the charms of hanok and Gothic grandeur, Dudong Church known for its unique shape, and the site of Mireuksa Temple that offers a glimpse into the glorious Baekje-era Buddhist culture.

Nabawi Catholic Church

Dudong Church

Site of Mireuksa Buddhist Temple

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