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#08. DMZ Peace Train

#Korea Travelog l 2018-10-12

Korea Travelog

The DMZ Peace Train program is available only in Korea, the only divided country in the world. The train travels to the demilitarized zone near Cheorwon, Gangwon-do Province, where passengers can see the Baekma Hill, a strategic site where the bloodiest battle of the Korean War took place, climb up to the observatory to view the northern limit line, look around the bullet-riddled North Korean Workers' Party headquarters and the rusted train at Woljeong-ri Station. This tour program inspires reflection on this painful chapter in Korean history and appreciation for the peaceful state we live in.

Peace Train

Baekma Hill Memorial Monument

North Korea's Workers' Party HQ

Mt. Geumgang Electric Train Bridge

Woljeong-ri Station

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