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#13. Eulji Trip (Euljiro Alley Tour in Seoul)


Euljiro in downtown Seoul bears witness to Korea's miraculous industrialization. It was said that anything can be made in Euljiro. The area is a nostalgic urban enclave of stores that deal with a wide range of industrial components, from tools, lights, sewing machines, tiles and ceramics to sculptures, furniture, printing, and machinery. Walking through the alleyways of Euljiro is a great way to see what Seoul had looked like in the 1970s and 80s. Let's travel back in time by touring the alleyways in the Euljiro neighborhood.

Eulji Trip

Tool, Light, and Tile Specialty Streets

▲Tool Specialty Streets

▲Light Specialty Streets

▲Tile Specialty Streets


Songlim Handmade Shoes

Eulji Art Space

Eulji Tea Shop

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