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#Artist Search l 2012-02-22

Debut : 2012

Jung Yoo-ji
Date of birth : January 2, 1991
Physique : 168 cm, 50 kg

Real name : Kang Hye-yeon
Date of birth : December 8, 1990
Physique : 165 cm, 48 kg

Real name : Ahn Hyo-jin
Date of birth : December 10, 1991
Physique : 168 cm, 50 kg

Park Jung-hwa
Date of birth : May 8, 1995
Physique : 168 cm, 48 kg

Nah Hae-ryung
Date of birth : November 11, 1994
Physique : 168 cm, 45 kg

Real name : Ahn Hee-yeon
Date of birth : May 1, 1992
Physique : 168 cm, 50 kg

Exceed In Dreaming. That is what EXID stands for. And that's exactly what the six members hope to do.

Considered to have the Midas hand when it comes to creating kpop, song composer Shinsadong Tiger has released his very own girl group. Having revealed two of the members (LE & Jung-hwa) through Huhgak's music video for "Every Time I Play That Song", fans have been awaiting for their official debut. They finally released their first debut song after all the hype in February of 2012.

The girls claim that they're different from the other idol groups in terms of their training background. Shinsadong Tiger gives them creative freedom with a very loose training system. He asks the girls in fact, for who they want as their dance or vocal instructors. This allows for more of each of the members' individual flavors and styles to come into play, hopefully to impress the kpop industry.

Holla (single, February 16, 2012) : I Do, Whoz That Girl

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