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Korean held captive in Lybia

#Hot Issues of the Week l 2018-08-05


ⓒ KBS News

Presidential spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom said Thursday that Seoul is closely cooperating with Libya and other allies including the Philippines and the U.S. for the safety and return of the South Korean abductee. 

The statement came a day after a video was released on a Libyan media outlet's Facebook page showing a middle-aged man identifying himself as Korean pleading for his release to the South Korean president in English. 

Kim said the nation and the president had never forgotten the Korean since learning of his abduction. 

In particular, Kim stressed that the president had instructed related agencies to mobilize all capabilities for the man’s rescue on the first day of his abduction.  

The spokesperson also said that South Korea's anti-piracy Cheonghae unit, which was conducting missions in the Gulf of Aden, has been dispatched to Libya to take response measures. 

Kim said the government is closely keeping an eye on any information related to the identity of the abductors. He added the Korean abductee appeared to be unharmed, and said words can't suffice to console the   man's distraught family members.

The Foreign Ministry says the militants abducted the four captives on July sixth at a water plant in Jabal Hasouna, in the western region of Libya. 

The identity of the kidnappers has not been confirmed. It is not immediately known if any demands have been made in return for their possible release.

Cheong Wa Dae said in a statement Thursday that during a regular National Security Council meeting presided over by National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong, officials discussed various solutions to bring back the South Korean man safely and swiftly.

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