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#Artist Search l 2018-08-13

D.O.B: Jan. 12, 1990

Member of: The Koxx

Genres: Rock, dance, electronica

Labels: Happy Robot Record

Active from: 2006

Shaun in a member of the rock group The Koxx and he is also a singer and songwriter as well as DJ. His band, The Koxx, became active in 2006 thrugh live performances in the Hongdae club scene and officially debuted in June 2010 with the single titled “Enter” after taking part on a reality show called “Hello Rookie.” The band consists of three other members: Lee Hyunsong, Lee Sooryun and Park Sunbin.

EPs, Singles & Remakes

Take (EP, June 2018)

Dream (Single, Dec. 2017)
 Falling Into (Single, Aug. 2016)

Silence (Single, July 2017)

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