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Beautiful Mind (8) 당연하죠

#Drama Lines l 2019-02-11

Expression of the Week

Kang Hyun-joon : 그럼 난 이제 괴물만 잡으면 되는 거죠?

현성의 안전한 시스템을 JCI 인증단 앞에서 자랑하면서.

So, I just need to catch the monster now?

And show off Hyunsung’s safe system in front of the JCI Authentication Group?

Lee Young-oh :  하나 더, 내 수술엔 아무 이상이 없었다는 걸 밝혀줘야겠어요. 모두가 보는 앞에서.

One more thing. You need to show that there was nothing wrong with my surgery in front of everyone. 

Kang Hyun-joon : 당연하죠.

Of course.

당연하죠 (of course)

당연하다 – adj. natural; justifiable; fair 

Casual – 당연하지 

Semi-polite – 당연하죠

Polite – 당연합니다 

>> “당연하죠” expresses the intention of a speaker using the sentence pattern “~죠” + adjective “당연하다” which means “natural, justifiable or fair.” 

>>The expression is colloquially used as a response to show agreement to what was said before and means “of course,” or “you bet.”

>>Similar expressions to “당연하죠” include “그럼요” and even the popular vernacular/slang expression “당근이지” which also stems from the verb “당연하다.”

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