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Hwang Chi-yeol

#Artist Search l 2019-02-11

Genres: K-pop, C-pop

Labels: MNH Entertainment

Active from: 2007

Associated acts: Wednesday

Hwang Chi-yeul is a South Korean singer who officially debuted in 2007 with the release of the digital single “Chi Yeul” and full-length album “Five Senses.” Hwang spent many years after his debut as a vocal coach for idol bands because his management company closed. However, his career took off again after making appearances on TV shows such as “I Can See Your Voice” in 2015 and China’s “I Am a Singer (Season 4)” in 2016.

Studio Albums

The Four Seasons (Full length, 2019)

Five Senses (Full length, 2007)

EPs & Singles (as lead artist)

Learn to Love (Single, 2018)

Be Myself (EP, 2018)

Rewind (Single, 2017)

Be Ordinary (EP, 2017)

Without You (Single, 2016)

A Man From Gyeongsang-do (Single, 2014)

Chi Yeul (Digital, 2007)

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