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My Golden Life (5) 내 맘이야.

#Drama Lines l 2019-04-15

Expression of the Week

Class rep : 최서현, 단톡방에 졸업 여행 참석 여부는 왜 안올리니?

Choi Seo-hyun. Why haven’t you responded in our group chat about           whether you will attend the graduation trip? 

Choi Seo-hyun : 안 갈 거라서.

Because I’m not going.

Class rep : 안 가면 안 간다고 

졸업 여행 참석 여부 올리라는 공지 못 봤어?

Didn’t you see the announcement asking to respond even if you aren’t attending? 

Choi Seo-hyun : 간다고 안 했으면, 안 가는 거지.

If I didn’t say I was going, then I’m not going.

내가 그런 데 가는 거 봤어?

Did you ever see me attend anything like that? 

Class rep : 그래. 너 왜 4년 내내 과 행사 참석 안 하는 거냐?

No. Why haven’t you attended any of our major events these past four years? 

Choi Seo-hyun : 내 맘이야. 

It’s none of your business.

내 맘이야 (It’s none of your business.)

내 – my 

맘 – short for 마음 which means heart or mind 

이야 – a conjugation of the suffix ‘이다’ used to make the word a verb

Casual – 내 맘이야 

>>”내 맘이야” is an expression that can be translated into English in different ways depending on the context. 

>>For example, in the dialogue, the class rep is asking why Choi Seo-hyun never attends class events. Seo-hyun replies “내 맘이야” which literally means “It’s (up to) my mind/heart” (=it’s my decision, it’s up to me to decide). The expression can be used as a way to make the other person stop talking or asking questions as it means “because I want to,” “it’s none of your business,” or “because I can.” 

>>”내 맘이야” is a vernacular or colloquial expression that normally would be used among friends or close acquaintances. You would not use this expression in a “polite form” to an elder or stranger that you do not know well.  

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