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The Producers (9) 감 떨어졌어.

#Drama Lines l 2019-09-02

Expression of the Week

신디:변 대표님 감 떨어졌네, 감 떨어졌어.

아니, 내가 지금 쟤랑 투샷이 나와야 되는데 

저렇게 얼굴이 조그만 애를 부르면 어쩌자는 거야.

내가 며칠 동안 국물 먹어가지고 얼굴이 지금 띵띵 부었는데.

아, 각 안 나와. 

Ms. Byon has lost her touch. She’s really lost it. 

I have to be on the same screen with her, but what am I supposed to do if her face is so small? My face is so bloated right now from eating soup these past few days. Ah, I won’t look good at any angle.   

감 떨어졌어. (She’s lost her touch)

감 – feeling, sense; A feeling or thought about a certain thing

떨어지다 – to deteriorate, to fall behind, lag behind, be inferior to, fall short of; for the level of something to fall short of something else

Casual – 감 떨어졌어 

Semi-polite – 감 떨어졌어요 

>>’감 떨어지다’ is an expression that is used for someone who has lost their touch, or their sense is not as sharp as it was before. In the dialogue, Cindy is saying Ms. Byon doesn’t know what’s going on in the business anymore. 

>>A similar expression that is used for the opposite meaning of “감 떨어졌어” is “감 잡았어.” The expression uses the same word “감” which means a feeling or sense, and “잡다” which means to catch. The expression is used to express “I’ve got it” or “I’ve gotten the hang of it”. 

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