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Fight for my way (11) 안 하면 안돼?

#Drama Lines l 2020-05-11


Dong-man:야, 그냥 좀 최애라답게 화끈하게 좀 쿨하게 밀어주면 안 돼? 응?

Hey, can’t you just be like Ae-ra and root for me in her typical bold and laid-back way? Hm?

Ae-ra:나 원래 안 쿨해. 네가 김탁수한테 맞을 생각만 하면 막 속이 다 울렁거린다고. 진짜 쫌 안 하면 안돼?

그냥 걔 잊고도 잘 살았잖아. 김탁수랑은 다시 붙지 말라고.

I’m not that laid back. I still feel sick when I think about you getting beat up by Kim Tak-soo. Can’t you just stop? You were fine after forgetting him. Don’t confront Tak-soo again.

Dong-man:나 하루도 잊은 적이 없는데.

I’ve never forgotten it, even for a day.

Expression of the Week

안 하면 안돼? (can’t you stop?)

안 – not; an adverb that has the meaning of negation or opposite

하다 – to do, perform; to perform a certain move, action, activity etc.

안되다 – to fail, not go well, be unlucky; for an affair or phenomenon to not take place properly

Casual – 안 하면 안돼?

Semi-polite – 안 하면 안돼요? 

>> The adverb “안” with verb “하다” means to “not” do something or take a certain action. 

>>[~~ 하면 안돼?] in a question format is asking someone permission to do something. By using [안 하면] the question becomes a request to someone to refrain from doing something.

>>In the dialogue, Ae-ra is asking Dong-man not to fight with Tak-soo again using the expression.

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