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Once Again (6) 그럭저럭

#Drama Lines l 2020-10-05


Bo-young: 진짜 오랜만이다. 한 10년 됐나, 우리 본 지가?

It’s been so long! Has it been around ten years since we last saw each other?

Kyu-jin: 그럴걸? 어떻게 지냈어 그동안?

I think so. How have you been?

Bo-young: 그럭저럭. 애 낳고 키우고. 정신 없었지 뭐.

I’ve been alright. I had kids and was busy raising them.

Expression of the Week

그럭저럭 (I’ve been alright)

그럭저럭 – adv. somehow, passably

Casual – 그럭저럭

>>[그럭저럭] is an adverb that describes doing something “not satisfactorily, but to some degree; without particular problems”. 

  e.g. 그럭저럭 먹고 살다 à getting by (making ends meet) somehow

>>You can also use [그럭저럭] as another way of saying “so so” when someone asks how you have been doing. 

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