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Woman of 9.9 Billion (2) 다 잘될 거예요

#Drama Lines l 2020-12-07


In-pyo: 그 날 많이 추웠죠? 내가 잘못했어요. 미안해요.

본부장도 오는 것 확실하죠?

우리 같이 노력해요. 

이번 납품 것만 해결되면 회사도 잘 풀릴 거고 

우리 일도 다 잘될 거예요. 

당신은 나만 믿으면 돼요. 사랑해요.

Wasn’t it cold that day? It’s my fault. I’m sorry.

Are you sure Jae-hoon is coming? Let’s work on this together

If this plan works out, the company will be in better shape and     we’ll be in a better place. You just need to trust in me. I love you. 

Expression of the Week

다 잘될 거예요 (we’ll be in a better place)

다 – all, everything (everything without anything left out or missing)

잘 – well (comfortably and without difficulties)

되다 – work; go well (for something to work out well)

Casual – 다 잘될 거야

Polite – 다 잘될 거예요

>>[잘 되다] means something will work out well or go well without any difficulties. As such, [다 잘 되다] means everything will be fine, or everything will work out well. 

>>In the dialogue, In-pyo is convincing his wife that once everything works out well at work, they’ll be fine. He’s saying that (everything will work out well) and they’ll be better off than before. 

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