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Woman of 9.9 Billion (12) 난 니 편이야

#Drama Lines l 2021-02-15


Min-gyu:조금만 더 오면 휴게소인데 휴게소로 오라니까.

The rest area is near. I told you to come to the rest area. 

Tae-hyun:죽을 자리에 미쳤다고 갑니까?

Are you crazy? Telling me to come to a place I’ll get killed?  

Min-gyu:도망칠 데도 없을 텐데... 난 니 편이야.

There won’t be anywhere to run… I’m on your side. 

Tae-hyun:저는 편 같은 거 없습니다.

I don’t have any sides. 

Expression of the Week

난 니 편이야 (I’m on your side)

난 – abbreviated form of ‘나는’ which means ‘I am’

니(네) - your

편 – side, party

Casual – 난 니 편이야

Semi-polite/polite – 저는 당신 편입니다

>>’편’ literally means ‘party’ or ‘side.’ So, ‘난 니 편이야’ means “I’m on your side” or “I’ve got your back.” 

>>’니’ is a colloquial or spoken form of ‘네’ which is the abbreviated word for ‘너의’ (your).

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