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Beautiful Mind (7) 약속해

#Drama Lines l 2019-02-04

Expression of the Week

Kim Yoon-kyung : 비가 와서... 석주야, 비가 오니까... 교통사고...

It’s raining… Seok-ju, the rain…the accident…

Hyun Suk-ju :  그래, 그만해. 알아 들었어.

I know. Stop. I understood you.

Kim Yoon-kyung: 석주야, 너 꼭 성공해야 돼.

약속해. 너 꼭 성공한다고.

Seok-ju, you have to succeed.

Promise me that you will succeed.

약속해 (Promise me) 

약속하다 – v. to promise, pledge, make an appointment (to agree with someone to do a certain thing)

Casual – 약속해  

Semi-polite – 약속해요

Polite – 약속해 주세요

>> [약속] means promise and [약속하다] is the verb form meaning to make a promise or pledge. [약속해] is the casual command form of the verb. 

>>In order to make the form more polite, add ~요 at the end which makes the semi-polite form “약속해요.” You can add ~아/어 주세요” which makes the request more formal.

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