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My Golden Life (9) 됐습니다

#Drama Lines l 2019-05-13

Expression of the Week

Work colleague: 아니, 소주를 잔도 없이? 

You’re drinking soju without a glass?

잔 여기 있어요.

Here’s one. 

Choi Do-kyung: 됐습니다. 

It’s alright.

됐습니다 (It’s alright)

되다 – v. to be completed; be finished or to work or go well

Casual – 됐어

Semi-polite – 됐어요

Polite – 됐습니다

>>”됐습니다” is an inflection of the verb “되다” which means to be completed or finished. 

>>As such, ”됐습니다” is an expression that is used to politely decline an offer similar to the colloquial expression “I’m good” as it means “Everything is going well.” 

>>In the dialogue, the work colleague is offering Choi Do-kyung a glass ‘잔’ to drink his soju from to which Choi Do-kyung is politely declining with the expression “됐습니다.”

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