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My Golden Life (10) 어떡해?

#Drama Lines l 2019-05-20

Expression of the Week

Ji-soo’s mom:  선우혁 쇼핑몰, 선우희 카페, 강남구 빵집

너 때문에 온 가족이 길거리에 나앉으면

그래도 선우혁이 널 좋아할까?

Seonwoo Hyuk shopping mall, Seonwoo Hee café, a bakery in Gangnam… if the entire family ends up on the street because of you, will Seonwoo Hyuk still like you? 

Ji-soo:  정말 망하게 할까? 어떡해? 어떡해? 

Will it really fail? What should I do? What should I do?

어떡해? (What should I do?)

어떡하다 – what should I do?

Casual – 어떡해?

Semi-polite – 어떡하죠?

>>”어떡해” comes from “어떡하다” which is a shortened form of “어떠하게 하다”. The expression literally means “to do something in some way” and is mostly used as a question which colloquially means “What should I do?” or “What am I supposed to do?”

>>”어떡해” is often confused even among native Korean speakers with “어떻게” as they sound the same. However, “어떻게” is an adverb which means “how” and is used when you are asking how to do something. For example, “공을 어떻게 던지는지 모르겠어” = “I don’t know how to throw a ball”

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