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My Golden Life (14) 그렇구나

#Drama Lines l 2019-06-17

Expression of the Week

Choi Jae-sung:  그거와는 별개로 네가 하고 싶거나 

아니면 살고 싶은 길이 있지 않을까 그걸 묻는 거야. 

That issue aside I’m asking if you want to do it or if there’s a way to survive. 

Choi Seo-hyun: 그런 게 어떻게 있어요, 아버지.

어려서부터 정해져 있었는데요.

How could there be. It was all determined since we were young. 

Choi Jae-sung: 응, 그렇구나. 그럼, 

지금부터라도 한 번 생각해봐. 

I see. Then you should start thinking about it now.

그렇구나 (I see)

그렇구나 – I see

Casual – 그렇구나

Semi-polite – 그렇군요

>>”그렇구나” is usually used as a reaction to someone telling you something to show that you have understood or empathize. It means “I see what you are saying” or “I understand why you thought that way”.

>>In the dialogue, Choi Jae-sung is showing Choi Seo-hyun that he has understood what she is saying before he gives his advice about “start thinking about it now”

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