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The Producers (7) 손이 커요

#Drama Lines l 2019-08-19

Expression of the Week

Kim Tae-ho:역시 우리 변 대표님은 손이 커요.

어떤 회사는 뮤직뱅크에서 1등을 해도 백설기 한쪽씩 돌리고 마는데.

그 백설기도 콩 한쪽 안 박힌 거 돌리고 그런다고.

As always, Ms. Byon is really generous. I hear some agencies only pass out rice cakes blocks when they win first place on Music Bank. You know, the rice cakes that don’t even have any beans in them. 

Jang In-pyo:그런 거는 돌리고도 욕 먹지.

You get criticized for passing out stuff like that. 


Of course. 

Byon Mi-sook:그러니까 두 분이 우리 신디 신경 좀 써 주셔야지. 

That’s why you two have to take care of our Cindy.

손이 커요 (is really generous) 

손 – hand

크다 – big; large

Casual/semi-polite – 손이 커요

Polite – 손이 크세요

>>”손이 크다” literally means someone has big hands. However, the expression is used to describe someone who is very generous or resourceful. 

e.g. 우리 시어머니는 손이 크셔서 항상 음식을 많이 준비하셔. →  My mother-in-law is very generous and always prepares a lot of food. 

>> Another body-related Korean idiom that is used frequently is “발이 넓다”. The literal meaning is to have wide feet. However, the expression is used to describe someone who knows a lot of people and is resourceful.  

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