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The Producers (11) 섭섭하다

#Drama Lines l 2019-09-16

Expression of the Week

Cindy : 아, 빨리 말해, 본론.

Hurry up and get to the point.

Manager : 그게... 그 우산이니? 우산피디? 맞아? 그런 거야?

아니, 그 사람이 우산 가지고 너 쪼이기나 했지, 

언제 무슨 우산이 돼줬다고.

막말로 내가 우산을 씌워줬어도 골백번은 더 씌워줬지. 

나 너한테 섭섭하다. 신디야.

That… umbrella? That producer with the umbrella? Is it him? Is that right? I mean, he kept bothering you about returning it. How did he become your umbrella? I mean, I’ve been your umbrella far more than he has. I’m really disappointed in you, Cindy.

섭섭하다. disappointed (in you)

섭섭하다 – disappointed; sorry and dissatisfied because something fails to meet one’s expectations

Casual – 섭섭하다

Semi-polite – 섭섭해요

>>In the dialogue, Cindy’s manager is expressing his sadness/disappointment because she expressed interest towards the producer with the umbrella while he was actually the one that held her umbrella for her numerous times. 

>>A similar expression “시원섭섭하다” is used when one has mixed emotions as in feeling relieved on the one hand, but also feeling sad and sorry on the other. This expression is a combination of 시원하다 + 섭섭하다 where 시원하다 means “good riddance”.

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