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Cheer UP! (1) 잘했어

#Drama Lines l 2019-10-07

Expression of the Week

Seung-woo:야, 어떻게 넌 200등을 하냐?  

How can you rank 200th out of the whole class?   

Jun-soo : 왜, 198등도 있는데  

Why? There’s someone who ranked 198th place. 

Yeon-doo : 야, 여기 196등도 있거든?  

Hey, there’s even 196th place here.   

Hyo-sik:여기 200등 있다. 

Here’s 200th place!    

Seung-woo:야, 잘했어, 잘했어.   

Hey, good job. Good job.  

Hyo-sik:아, 힘들다  

Ah, It’s so hard  

Yeon-doo:야, 됐어, 우리 열심히 했잖아. 그럼 된 거 아니야? 어?  됐고 오늘은 연습이나 빡세게 하자.  

 Hey, don’t worry about it. We studied hard. Isn’t that what matters? Right? Let’s forget about it and practice hard today.  

잘했어 (Good job) 


잘하다 – v. to do well, to do something in an excellent and successful way 


Casual – 잘했어 

Semi-polite – 잘했습니다  


>>[잘했어] is an expression used to tell someone well done, they did a great job.  


>>However, in the dialogue, the friend did not actually do well on their test. So, Seung-woo is using the expression to tell his friends that although their scores may be low it’s okay, they still did well.  

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