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Cheer UP! (9) 의리가 있어

#Drama Lines l 2019-12-02

Expression of the Week

Soo-yong:오해가 있으면 풀고그래야지왜 이렇게 넌 성격이 급해? 에이~

If there’s a misunderstanding, you should resolve it. Why are you impatient? 

Yeol:제친구들 부당한 벌점만 안 받게 해주신다면 뭐오해가 풀릴 것 같기도 하고요.

If you help keep my friends from getting unfair penalty points I think I might be able to straighten out that misunderstanding. 

Soo-yong:아휴, 넌의리가 있어.

Ah, you’re a faithful guy. 

의리가 있어 (faithful)

의리가 있다 – to have loyalty or fidelity; a moral righteous principle that one should follow in a relationship

Casual – 의리가 있어

Semi-polite – 의리가 있어요 

>> [의리] means loyalty or fidelity but it can also mean brotherhood or ties, such as a bond which is like a blood relation between two persons who are not of the same blood

>>[의리가 있다] another way this expression is used is to describe someone having a strong sense of duty. 

e.g. 시골 사람들은 의리가 있다 à Country people have a strong sense of duty.

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