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Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (3) 인연이다

#Drama Lines l 2020-01-20


Lee Sook-hee:너 저 사람이랑 어떻게 알아?

How do you know that person?

Jung Hae-ra:슬로베니아에서 봤어. 일 때문에 만난 거야.

I saw him in Slovenia. I met him because of work.


It’s fate. 

Hae-ra:우리, 집 구할 때까지 딴 데서 지내자. 빨리 가자.

Let’s stay somewhere else until we find a place. Hurry, let’s go.

Sook-hee:이 좋은 데를 놔두고 왜.

And leave this nice place? Why?

Hae-ra: 나 여기서 지내기 불편하다니까.

I feel uncomfortable here. 

Sook-hee:왜? 슬로베니아에서 무슨 일 있었어?

Why? Did something happen in Slovenia?

Hae-ra:아니, 아무 일도 없었는데 그냥 내가 불편해. 가자.

No, nothing happened, but I’m just uncomfortable. Let’s go. 

Expression of the Week

인연이다 (It’s fate)

인연 – n. relationship; connection; a relationship between people

인연하다 – v. relate to; form a relationship with; to happen or change as a result

Casual – 인연이다

Polite – 인연이에요 

>>When using the word “인연,” we use it with “맺다” and “끊다” to express making or breaking of relations 

e.g. 부부의 인연을 맺다 – to tie the knot (get married)

인연을 끊다 – to break off relations, cut off connection

>>In the dialogue, the expression is used to mean that the two meeting again was destined, and it was meant to be.  

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