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Fight for my way (5) 뜨거워

#Drama Lines l 2020-03-30


Tae-hee:탁수야. 탁수야 이거, 빨대. 여론 와 막 지금 장난 아니야. 여론이. 

그러면 오늘부터 리벤지 매칭용으로 훈련 스케쥴 좀 짜두라고 그럴까? 상대편 기술도 좀 분석하고 또...

Tak-soo. Tak-soo, here, here’s the straw. The public sentiment is no joke right now. Should I tell them to schedule some training sessions for a revenge match starting today? 

Tak-soo:형, 형은 정신을 못 차리지? 그런 거 같아.

뜨거워. 나 아이스 먹잖아.

Tae-hee, you’ll never come to your senses. I really think so. Hey, this is hot. I wanted iced.

Expression of the Week

뜨거워 (this is hot)

뜨겁다 – hot; high temperature

Casual – 뜨거워

Semi-polite – 뜨거워요

Polite – 뜨겁습니다

>>[뜨겁다] is and adjective used to describe something that is hot, as in having a high temperature. 

>>In the dialogue, Tak-soo is telling Tae-hee that the coffee is hot and he got the order wrong because he wanted an iced drink. 

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