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Just Dance (1) 거기서 거기야

#Drama Lines l 2020-06-01


Han Dong-hee:야, 특별전형 노리는 애들 내신 성적 다 거기서 거기야.

그리고 공부 못하는 애들 모인 학교에서 내신 성적 1등급.  이거 아무 경쟁력 없어. 

Hey, the grades of students who are aiming for special admission are all about the same. Ranking among the top tier at a school full of students who aren’t very academic doesn’t really give you an edge. 

Kim Ji-eun:알고 있는데요.

I know. 

Expression of the Week

거기서 거기야 (About the same)

거기서 거기 – idiomatic expression that means something is similar to the other, or there is not much of a difference

Casual – 거기서 거기야

>>[거기서 거기야] is an idiomatic expression that describes something that is “pretty much the same”. For example, [핸드폰 다 거기서 거기야. 아무거나 사] means all mobile phones are pretty much the same, so just buy anything. 

>>Similar Korean idiomatic expressions that means “about the same” or “not much of a difference” include [도토리 키 재기], which literally means “to measure the height of acorns” which are all similar, and [오십보백보], which means “fifty steps or one hundred steps” or “six of one and half a dozen of the other”. 

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