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Just Dance (4) 역시

#Drama Lines l 2020-06-22


Si-eun:쌤쌤쌤쌤, 잘 봐요. 자, 간다. 

자, 차차차~ 

그 다음에 자이브. 헛 둘. 삼바, 삼바.

쌤 완벽하죠?


Hey, look closely! Ready? Here I go! 

Here’s the cha-cha-cha. Next is jive. One-two, samba, samba. Wasn’t I perfect? 

Kyu-ho:역시 우리 시은이 똑똑하다. 

As usual, Si-eun. You’re so smart. 

Expression of the Week

역시 (as usual)

역시 – as one expected, as expected, as one thought

Casual – 여기  

Semi-polite/polite – 역시 

>>[역시] largely has two meanings and can be used as in the dialogue to mean “as usual” or “as expected”

>>[역시] can also mean “as well” or “also” as in the following example

e.g. 나 역시 너를 좋아한다 à I like you as well 

>>[쌤] used in the dialogue is a shortened slang form for [선생님] which means “teacher” and is a way students affectionately call teachers in Korea

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