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Once Again (4) 상관없어요

#Drama Lines l 2020-09-21


Na-hee:미안해요. 오자마자 이런 상황 보게 해서.

I’m sorry for making you see this kind of situation as soon as you arrive. 

Jae-seok:대체 뭐 때문에 그렇게 됐는지 내가 캐묻고 싶지만

그건 들어도 내가 이해 못 할 테니까 접고.

계속 형수라 불러도 되죠?

한번 형수는 영원한 형수지 안 그래요?

I want to ask what happened, but I don’t think I’ll understand even if I hear so I’ll just let it go. 

I can keep calling you my sister-in-law, right? 

Once a sister-in-law, always a sister-in-law?

Na-hee:상관없어요. 어차피 당분간은 비밀유지도 해야 되고.

It doesn’t matter for me. I have to keep it a secret for the time being anyways.

Expression of the Week

상관없어요 (it doesn’t matter)

상관없다 – having no issue; to be fine without a problem or worry

Casual – 상관없어

Semi-polite/polite – 상관없어요

>>The literal meaning of [상관없다] means “to be fine without a problem or worry,” which is why Na-hee is using the expression to say “it’s fine” for Jae-seok to keep calling her sister-in-law and that “it doesn’t matter”. 

>>[상관하다] is a verb that means “to meddle with” and can also be used in the negative form to ask someone to back off and stop meddling in one’s business. 

           e.g. 상관하고 싶지 않다 -> (I) don’t want to get involved  

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