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On the Way to the Airport (7) 어떻게 생각해?

#Drama Lines l 2021-10-11


미진: 요즘 나한테 들러붙는 남자가 있어. 

유부남이야. 어떻게 생각해?

Mi-jin: There’s a guy that’s clinging to me these days.

He’s married. What do you think?

수아: 관둬.

Soo-a: Stop it. 

Expression of the Week

어떻게 생각해? (What do you think?)

어떻게 – adv. Stemming from adj. 어떻다 

언제 – When 장난 – n. game; joke; something that children do for fun or to kill time

Casual – 내가 언제

>> “어떻게” is an adverb that stems from the adjective “어떻다” which means being “such” or being such in one’s thoughts, feelings, state, situation, etc. The expression is used to ask the hearer what their thoughts are, or when asking advice about a dilemma the speaker is in. 

>>The expression can be used as in the dialogue “어떻게 생각해?” or “네 생각은 어때?” which is also asking the hearer about their thoughts on a certain issue or situation.  

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