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Doctor Prisoner (9) 이게 무슨 날벼락이래요?

#Drama Lines l 2022-01-24


현재민: 며칠 전만 해도 선물 보따리 쏟아지길래 

공보의 인생 포텐 탁 터지나 싶었는데, 이게 무슨 날벼락이래요?

Jae-min: Just a few days ago I was being bombarded with presents so I thought I finally made it as a publicist, but now this comes out of the blue?

정세진: 그러게요.

Se-jin: Tell me about it.

Expression of the Week

이게 무슨 날벼락이래요? (this comes out of the blue?)

날벼락 – n. a bolt from the blue; bombshell; (figurative) an unfortunate event that occurs unexpectedly

무슨 – an adj. used to emphasize one’s dissatisfaction with something unexpected

Casual – 이게 무슨 날벼락이야?

Semi-polite/polite – 이게 무슨 날벼락이래요/에요?

>>This expression is used to express surprise when something that the speaker never imagined or thought of, like a bolt from the blue, has happened. 

>>’날벼락’ literally means unexpected lightening, but figuratively means an unfortunate event or accident that occurred unexpectedly

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