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Red Shoes (4) 그게 어때서

#Drama Lines l 2022-06-27


선희: 이게 말이 되냐? 

Sun-hee: Does this make sense?

옥경: 왜. 그게 어때서! 

Ok-kyung: What! What’s wrong with that! 

선희: 이걸 선물이라고 사왔냐? 이거 문방구 애들 장난감 파는데서 사온 거잖아! 

Sun-hee: You bought this as a gift? This is from a stationary store where they sell kids toys! 

옥경: 어디서 사왔건 뭔 상관이야. 진주야 진주! 

Ok-kyung: Why does it matter where I bought it? They’re pearls! 

선희: 야! 소옥경!!

Sun-hee: Hey! So Ok-kyung! 

옥경: 아, 몰라몰라. 그냥 해. 사람이 싸구련데 비싼 게 뭐 필요하다구. 

Ok-kyung: Oh, whatever. Just wear it. You’re cheap, so why do you need something expensive? 

선희: 뭐? 싸구려? 야!! 너 죽고 싶냐? 

Sun-hee: What? You’re calling me cheap? I could kill you! 

Expression of the Week

그게 어때서 (What’s wrong with that)

어때서 – 어떻다 (such) + -어서 (connective ending used for a reason or clause) 

Casual – 그게 어때서

Semi-polite – 그게 어때서요

>> This expression is used to refute or rebut a criticism that a speaker has heard from the other party. 

>>For example, if a speaker has heard from the other party “How can you sleep all day?” and answers, “그게 어때서,” it basically means what’s so wrong with sleeping all day?

>>A speaker can also use the expression for something that he or she has said. For example, “I’m turning 40 this year. 그게 어때서?” means, what’s wrong with turning 40, and the speaker thinks there is nothing wrong with turning 40. 


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