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MC The Max

#Artist Search l 2019-01-07

Members: Lee Soo, J. Yoon, Jeon Min-hyuk

Genres: K-pop, rock

Labels: 325 E&C

Active from: 2000

M.C. the MAX (acronym for Moon Child the Max) is a Korean rock band which originally debuted in 2000 as a four-member band called Moon Child. After the departure of one member, the remaining three re-grouped and formed M.C. the MAX. The group formed their own agency 325 E&C in 2018 and released a new full-length studio album in Jan. 2019.

Studio Albums

Circular (Studio, Jan. 2019)

Pathos (Studio, Jan. 2016)

Unveiling (Studio, Jan. 2014)

Rewind & Remind (Studio, June 2009)

Via 6 (Studio, Sept. 2008)

Returns Part 2. (Studio, June 2007)

Returns (Studio, April 2007)

The Rusted Love (Studio, Nov. 2005)

Solitude Love (Studio, Nov. 2004)

Love is the Time Sixth Sense (Studio, Dec. 2003)

M.C. the Max! (Studio, Oct. 2002)

EPs & Singles (as lead artist)

I Love You (Digital, Nov. 2010)

Fall… In Love (Single, Oct. 2007)

Run to the Sky (Single, Aug. 2007)

Curtain Call (Single, April 2007)
 The Perfect Ballad (Digital, Jan. 2007)

Live & Best

Pathos Tour Live Album (Live, Oct. 2016)

Best of Best (Best, March 2014)

Moonchild is Invincible (Live, Feb. 2009)

Unlimited (Best, Dec. 2008)

Curtain Call (Best, May 2007)

Memory Traveler (Remake, July 2005)

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