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Jang beom-jun

#Artist Search l 2019-05-06

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Associated act: Busker Busker

Genres: Indie rock

Labels: Busker Busker

Active from: 2011

Jang Beom-jun is a singer and leader of the group Busker Busker. The group took part in the cable audition show “Superstart K3” and were semi-finalists. After gaining recognition from the show, the group debuted in 2012 with the album “Busker Busker”. Jang is not only the leader of the group Busker Busker but he also writes and arranges their songs.

Studio Albums

Jang Beom-jun 1st Album (full length, 2014)

Jang Beom-jun 2nd Album (full length, 2016)

Jang Beom-jun 3rd Album (full length, 2019)


EPs & Singles (as lead artist)

Stay with Me (single, 2016)

After You Leave Me (single, 2019)

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