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Kim Na-young

#Artist Search l 2019-07-15

Record Label: Neverland  

Debut: 2012

Kim Na-young is a South Korean singer who became immensely popular after her single “What If It Was Going” topped the music chart for one of South Korea’s biggest music streaming sites in 2015. Kim debuted in 2012 after a video of her busking in the Hongdae area went viral, attracting over 1 million views.


The 2nd Album: Inner (full length, 2018)

The 1st Album “From the Heart” (full length, 2016)


Singles & EPs

To Be Honest (single, 2019)

Incorrect Answer feat. Lee Min-hyuk of BTOB (single, 2018)

Each of Us (single, 2018)

Miss u (single, 2017)

But I Must (single 2017)

Being an Adult (single, 2017)

Tears (single, 2017)

No Blame (single, 2016)

What If It Was Going (single, 2015)

Believe Me (single, 2015)

Never (single, 2015)

As You Told Me (single, 2014)

Sometimes (single, 2014)

I’m Sorry (single, 2014)

If Winter Ends (single, 2014)

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