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#Artist Search l 2019-08-12

Members: Kim Min-seok, Jeong Dong-hwan

Record Label: Mint Paper/Heaven Company

Debut: 2015

MeloMance is a South Korean duo formed in 2013. The group’s members are Kim Min-seok who is in charge of vocals and Jeong Dong-wha who plays the piano. The group debuted on March 10, 2015 with the EP Sentimental under Heaven Company.

Singles & Eps (as lead artist)

You & I (Single, 2019)

Page 0 (single, 2018)

The Fairy Tale (EP, 2018)

Just Friends (single, 2018)

Moonlight (EP, 2017)

Sunshine (EP, 2016)

Romantic (EP, 2016)

Sentimental (EP, 2015)

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