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Jay Park

#Artist Search l 2022-04-04

Genres: hip-hop, R&B

Labels: JYP, SidusHQ, AOMG, H1ghr, Roc Nation

Active from: 2003

Associated Acts: Art of Movement, 2PM, JYP Nation, Cha Cha, Malone, Dok2, DPR Live, Dumbfoundead, Gray, Higher Brothers, Hoody, Loco pH-1, The Quiett, Sik-K, Simon Dominic


Jay Park (Park Jae-beom) is a rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer and entrepreneur. He initially rose to fame as the leader of the boy band 2PM in 2008 but left the group after his comments written about Korea as a teenager were publicized by the Korean media. Park re-debuted as a solo singer and rapper in 2010 signing with SidusHQ. He later founded independent hip-hop record labels AOMG and H1ghr Music as well as the record label More Vision. He has been credited as one of the main figures responsible for the increased commercial acceptance of mainstream popularization of K-hip hop in South Korea. 

Studio Albums 

The Road Less Traveled (full length, 2019)

Everything You Wanted (full length, 2016)

Worldwide (full length, 2015)

Evolution (full length, 2014)

New Breed (full length, 2012)

EPs & Singles (as lead artist)  

Ganadara feat. IU (single, 2022)

To Life (single, 2022)

BreakYour Heart (single, 2021)

All In (single, 2021)

Summerride (single, 2021)

Us2 (single, 2021)

Trip (single, 2021)

Everybody Sucks (EP, 2020)

Dior Socks (single, 2020)

All the Way Up (single, 2020)

This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen (EP, 2019)

Baddest Nice Guys (EP, 2019)

WestCoast (single, 2019)

Nothing Matters (EP, 2019)

K-Town (single, 2019)

Engine (single, 2019)

Not the Same (single, 2019)

Finish Line (single, 2018)

V (single, 2018)

Ask Bout Me (EP, 2018)

FSU (single, 2018)

Soju (single, 2018)

El Tornado (single, 2018)

Forget About Tomorrow (single, 2018)

Run It (single, 2018)

Birthday Gamble (single, 2017)

Reborn (single, 2017)

Yacht (single, 2017)

Love My Life (single, 2017)

Most Hated (single, 2017)

Raw Shit (single, 2017)

Hulk Hogan (single, 2017)

Stay WIth Me (single, 2016)

Me Like Yuh (single, 2016)

City Breeze (single, 2016)

Scene Stealers (EP, 2016)

The Truth Is (single, 2016)

Solo (single, 2015)

My Last (single, 2015)

Mommae (single, 2015)

NaNa (single, 2014)

Metronome (single, 2014)

I Like 2 Party (single, 2013)

Joah (single, 2013)

New Breed Part. 1 (single, 2011)

Girl Friend (digital, 2011)

Demon (single, 2011)

Take a Deeper Look (EP, 2011)

Bestie (single, 2010)

Count On Me (Nothin' On You)

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