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"The Fairy and the Woodcutter"

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Family Month Special: Korean Folktales

Episode 3: “The Fairy and the Woodcutter”

One day, the woodcutter was chopping wood in the mountain as usual. He spent the entire morning working before taking a breather under a tree. That was when he spotted a deer running toward where he was sitting.

“Hello, Mr. Woodcutter. Please help me. A hunter is trying to kill me. Please hide me.” (Deer)

“You can hide in here.” (Woodcutter)

The woodcutter helped the deer hide in a pile of firewood.

“Hey, there. Have you seen a deer running by here?” (Hunter)

“I saw one running toward that waterfall over there.” (Woodcutter)

“이보시오~나무꾼 양반. 나 좀 살려주시오.

 포수가 날 쏘려고 뒤쫒아오고 있어요. 제발 나 좀 숨겨주시오”

“여기, 여기 들어가거라”

 나무꾼은 얼른 노루를 자신의 나무짐 속에 숨겼습니다.

“이보시오~ 여기 노루 한 마리가 지나갔을 텐데, 어디로 갔는지 아시오?”

“아 노루요~ 저기 계곡으로 달려갑디다~” 

The deer wanted to return the woodcutter’s kindness for saving its life. 

“I didn’t do anything to deserve that. I don’t need you to do anything. You can get going now.” 

“No, I really want to return your favor. How about this? Soon the fairies will come down from heaven and take a bath in that pond. You hide in the bushes next to the pond and hide one of their winged dresses. A fairy cannot fly up to heaven without her winged dress. When a fairy is left behind, you ask for her hand in marriage.” 

“Marriage? I’m getting married to a fairy?” 

“Yes. But remember. Never let her have her dress back until she bears you four children.”

That’s not so difficult, but…” 

“Well, I’ll be off now. Thank you so much for saving my life today. I wish you happiness. And please remember not to give her dress back until she has four children.” 

“은혜는 무슨~ 됐으니 어서 갈 길 가거라~”

“아닙니다. 꼭 은혜를 갚고 싶고 싶습니다. 

 저 계곡으로 가면 하늘에서 선녀들이 내려 와 목욕을 할 겁니다.

 당신은 옆에 수풀에 숨어 있다가, 선녀 옷 하나를 감추어 두십시오,

 아무리 선녀라도 날개 달린 선녀 옷이 없으면 하늘에 못 올라갑니다.

 그러니 그때 선녀에게 가서 결혼해서 같이 살자고 하십시오”

” 선녀와 결혼을 한다고?”

“그렇습니다. 대신 아이가 넷이 생길 때까지는 절대로 선녀옷을 내줘서는 안됩니다.”

“그거야 뭐가 어렵겠느냐마는~”

“오늘 저를 살려줘서 정말 고맙습니다. 행복하게 잘 사세요~

 아이가 넷이 생길 때까지 

 절대 선녀옷을 내주면 안된다는 것만 꼭 기억하십시오”

Time passed and the couple had three children between them. Then one day, the woodcutter couldn’t refuse his wife’s request no longer and brought out her dress. 

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