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"Whatbecomes", Operator Of TaJinYo, Retreats


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"Whatbecomes", Operator Of TaJinYo, Retreats
We've heard Tablo's side of the story on many occasions, but what's the story behind "whatbecomes" -- the man behind the vicious anti-Tablo internet cafe TaJinYo?

"whatbecomes" is actually a 57 year-old man with the surname Kim, who currently is residing in the U.S. On October 9-10th, Kim sat down with the Joongang Daily based in Chicago to talk about his side of the ordeal.

According to the Chicago Joongang Daily, Kim lived in Korea until his late 20's as the operator of a medium sized company. He finally recently agreed to acknowledge Tablo's academic background which states that the artist received a BA and MA from Stanford University.

Kim said, "How happy Tablo must be to come out as the winner in all of this. I hope that he's willing to withdraw any legal charges [against me]. I'm going to stop my [internet cafe] operator duties and am planning on withdrawing all attacks. If I caused [Tablo] any distress, I hope that the happiness gained from the police confirmation of his academic records will make up for it. As for me, I'm planning on leaving Chicago."

Regarding the upheaval that?he caused?over Tablo's alleged academic fraud, Kim said to?the daily newspaper,"I did it because I felt it was my sense of duty for the country of Korea. As big of an uproar that I caused, I won't be showing any more interest in Korea related affairs any more. I will quietly leave to another area and cut my ties with Korea."

He continued, "I think there are a lot of people with false academic records in the Korean society. Such people with a lot of power will probably try to cover this latest ordeal up. I will follow along with the conclusions made by the political groups probably because they don't feel they can take on the power and loud voices of the netizens and public masses."Kim's last comment was most likely in reference to the fact that the Seoul Seocho Police Station officially confirmed that Tablo was indeed a Stanford University graduate on October 8th.

The police had put in a request to a telecommunications company, seeking confirmation on the identities of the 22 TaJinYo cafe members that Tablo filed lawsuits against a few weeks back. From the confirmation given, a total of three IDs were found to belong to Kim. The extra overlapping two were removed from the total list for a total of 20 IDs with actual identities.

The police have already revealed that they are planning on requesting an arrest warrant for Kim. Although Kim is of Korean descent, he is actually an American citizen which restricts him from certain online activities (i.e. operating an internet cafe). This is why he used his friend's identity and Korean registration number to run TaJinYo.Kim has been ignoring the police's requests for him to check into the station. Police officials are thus planning on requesting for the cooperation of Interpol for further investigation.

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