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Young Lady & Gentleman (13) 왜 이렇게 뜸을 들여?



영국: 아빠가 너희들한테 긴히 할 얘기가 있어.

Young-guk: There’s something important that I need to tell you guys.

세찬: 아빠 표정을 보아하니 뭔가 좋은 일 같은데요?

Se-chan: Looking at your face, it seems like it’s good news. 

영국: 아빠 얼굴에 좋은 일이라고 써져 있어?

Young-guk: My face says its good news? 

세종: 엄청 크게 써져 있어요..

Se-jong: Yes, loud and clearn. 

재니: 아 뭔데 빨리 말해! 좋은 일인데 왜 이렇게 뜸을 들여?

Jenny: What is it? Tell us! Why are you waiting when it’s good news? 

영국: 그게 아빠가 드디어 박선생 아버지한테 결혼을 허락을 받았어!

Young-guk: I finally got permission to marry Ms. Park from her father! 

남매: 야호!

Both: Yay!!

Expression of the Week

왜 이렇게 뜸을 들여? (Why are you waiting)

뜸 – n. a process of steaming or boiling food in which the heat is turned off and the vessel is left closed for a few minutes so that the food is cooked evenly

Casual – 왜 이렇게 뜸을 들여

Semi-polite/formal – 왜 이렇게 뜸을 들여요? 

>> This expression is used to urge the other person to speak quickly or act quickly when the other person has been quiet for a while without speaking or acting.

>>”뜸 들이다” is a process of leaving the food with the heat turned off so that it cooks evenly, but as an idiom it means taking one’s time when working or talking. 

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