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It's Beautiful Now (6) 빛 좋은 개살구지


윤재: 아빠! 뭐든 때라는 게 있어. 공부할 때, 결혼할 때.
이 때라는 걸 한번 딱 놓치면 다시 잡기가 어렵더라고.
우리 엄마 아빠가 보기에는 내가 치과의사니까 대단한 거 같지만,
아빠, 나 생물학적으로는 중년이야. 빚도 있고. 빛 좋은 개살구지.
이쯤 되면 안 간 게 아니라 못 간 거지. 내 자신을 좀 냉정하게 볼 때.
Dad, there’s a time for everything. To study, to get married.
If we miss that time, it’s hard to catch that timing again.
It might seem like I’m a big deal to you since I’m a dentist,
but I’m middle-aged, biologically speaking. I have debts to repay. All that glitters is not gold.
To be fair, we should say I was unable to get married, not that I chose not to get married at this point. 

Expression of the Week
빛 좋은 개살구지 (All that glitters is not gold)
빛 [n] color, or the bright and radiant light that is reflected off a glittering object.
개살구 [n] wild apricot, a fruit similar to an apricot which tastes sour and astringent 
Semi-polite/polite – 빛 좋은 개살구에요 

>> 빛 좋은 개살구 literally means a wild apricot that tastes sour and astringent but looks very nice, shiny and healthy
>> The expression is a metaphor that’s used for something that looks good on the outside but is lacking substance, just like a fruit that looks appetizing, but doesn't actually taste good
>> 빛이 좋다 means the fruit has good outer color and shine, looking delicious
>> 개살구 is figuratively used to mean an ugly person or object, or unpleasant event

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