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It's Beautiful Now (15) 물 건너갔다


윤재: 야, 근데 얘 오늘 우리 왜 보자고 한 거 같냐?
Why do you think he wanted to see us today?
현재: 결혼 얘기 할 거 같은데?
I think he’s going to talk about marriage. 
윤재: 결국 이수재가 이기는 거야? 너는 뭐 진도 중인 거 있어?
So, I guess Soo-jae is going to be the final winner, then? Is there anything going on for you right now? 
현재: 형은 지금 뭐하고 있어? 방송 출연은 물 건너갔고. 그 소개팅 앱, 그거 안 해?
What about you? Your TV show went out the window. What about that dating app? Are you not using it? 
윤재: 아, 몰라. 나는 결혼이 맘만 먹으면 할 수 있는 건 줄 알았는데. 아닌 거 같아.
I don’t know. I thought I could get married if I just put my mind to 
it, but I don’t think it’s that easy anymore.

Expression of the Week
물 건너갔다 (go out the window)
건너가다 [v] cross, go across; To move from one place to another across a river, bridge, road, etc.
semi-polite: 물 건너갔어요 

>>This expression is used to indicate that something has become irreversible and difficult to accomplish.
>> Usually, the verb ‘건너가다’ means to cross a bridge or road. But, in this case, it’s used for crossing a body of water, which means there is no turning back. That is why the expression is mainly used to express that something is over, and there is a low chance of it being accomplished. 
>>In the dialogue, the expression is used to mean Yoon-jae’s chances of appearing on TV are near zero. And since this expression refers to something that has already ended, it is used in the past tense.

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