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It's Beautiful Now (16) 두 손 두 발 다 들었어


경애: 윤재도 결혼하라고 할 때는 뭐라 하더니 막상 하고 싶은 데로 하라니까 엄청 서운해 하는 거 있지. 대체 왜 그래? 한가지 만 해, 둘 다.
Yoon-jae would throw a fit when we told him to get married, but now that we’ve told him to do what he wants he seems upset. What’s wrong with you? Just pick one side, both of you. 
현재: 봐봐. 이 프로젝트 엄마가 형하고 나고 결혼시키라고 기획한 거잖아. 근데 갑자기 형하고 내 의사를 존중하는 모양새를 취하면서 중도 포기시키려는 불순한 의도가 뭐야?
Look. You planned this project to get all of us married, Mom. But why are you pretending like you’re respecting our opinion all of a sudden and throwing us off? What is your impure intention of trying to get us to give up in the middle? 
경애: 됐어. 그럼 계속해! 내가 진짜 니들한테는 두 손 두 발 다 들었어.
Never mind then! Keep going. I give up

Expression of the Week
들다 [v] to raise or lift, to lift something from below in an upward motion
semi-polite: 두 손 두 발 다 들었어요

>> This expression is used to express that one has given up. It’s often used by a speaker when he or she feels helpless in a situation or when the other person’s words or actions are too much or unbearable. 
>> It can also mean the speaker is washing his or her hands of something, or to raise the white flag as in defeat.   
>>The verb “들다” has many meanings, but here it is used to mean lift a body part, as in one’s hands, feet or head. To lift both hands and feet is emphasizing that one has given up on the situation because it has gone beyond their ability. 

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