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Beautiful Mind (3) 괜찮겠지?

#Drama Lines l 2019-01-07

Expression of the Week

Hwang Jung-hwan : 팬입니다. 홍일범 선수.

따님이 아빠를 닮았나 봐요. 축구를 다하고.

I’m a fan, Hong Il-bum.

Your daughter must be like you, playing soccer. 

Hong Il-bum : 예, 포지션도 풀백이에요. 저처럼. 국대 감이죠. 

Yes, she’s a full-back, like me. She’s fit to be a member of the national team.

Hong’s wife : 우리 민경이 괜찮겠지?

Our Min-kyung. She’ll be alright?

Hong Il-bum :  홍일범 딸 홍민경이야. 범새끼라고. 우리 딸. 

Hong Min-kyung is Hong Il-bum’s daughter. She’s a tiger cub, our daughter.

괜찮겠지? (She’ll be alright?)

괜찮다 – (adj.) all right; fine; having no particular problems

~겠다 – convey supposition, a guess, a thought or observation

Casual – 괜찮겠지?

Semi-polite – 괜찮겠죠?

Polite – 괜찮으시겠죠?

>> “괜찮겠지?” is an interrogative sentence which combines the adjective 괜찮다 which means alright and “~겠지” which conveys a supposition or a guess. 

>>In the dialogue, “괜찮겠지?” is used by Hong’s wife to express that she presumes her daughter will be alright. 

>>However, the question form suggests that she is worried and has uneasy feelings about her daughter’s situation and she is seeking assurance from her husband that their daughter will be alright. 

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