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My Golden Life (7) 잘 돼가요?

#Drama Lines l 2019-04-29

Expression of the Week

Shin Hae-ja: 오빠!


Seo Tae-soo: 응, 해자야.

Hey, Hae-ja. 

Shin Hae-ja: 우와, 양복 입은 거 보니까, 옛날 생각나네요. 잘 돼가요?

Wow, seeing you in a suit reminds me of the past. How is it going?

Seo Tae-soo: 응, 뭐...

Ah, well…

잘 돼가요? (How is it going?)

잘 – adv. Meaning well

돼가요 – short for 되어가요; go on, to make progress, be well underway 

Casual – 잘 돼가?

Semi-polite/polite – 잘 돼가요?

>>”잘 돼가요?” is a greeting asking the other person how they are doing. 

>>More literally, the question asks the other person if everything is going well, or if things are working out well. 

>>The expression also has the meaning of making progress or to be underway

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