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My Golden Life (8) 깜빡 했어요.

#Drama Lines l 2019-05-06

Expression of the Week

Seon Woo-hee :  지수씨, 이거 지수씨 꺼죠?

Ji-soo, is this yours?

Seo Ji-soo : 어? 어머, 이거 왜 여기 있어요?

Oh? Hey, why is this here? 

Seon Woo-hee : 추가 주문하던 날 빵 봉지 속에 있었는데, 제가 깜빡 했어요.

It was in the bread bag the day we took additional orders and I forgot.

깜빡 했어요 (I forgot)

깜빡하다 – to forget, or to slip one’s mind

Casual – 깜빡 했어 

Semi-polite – 깜빡 했어요 

Polite – 잠시 잊었습니다 

>>”깜빡하다” is used to describe a momentary or short-term forgetting. It is generally used to describe forgetting minor things in a casual way. You can also say you’ve been very forgetful lately by saying “요즘 깜빡깜빡 해” = I’m very forgetful these days.

>>Other verbs to express “to forget” include “잊어버리다” and “까먹다” 

>>”깜빡하다” can also mean to blink one’s eyes (e.g. 눈을 깜빡하다=blink one’s eye) or for a light to flicker or blink on and off for a short moment (e.g. 가로등이 깜빡이다=the streetlight flickers)   

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