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My Golden Life (13) 만나요

#Drama Lines l 2019-06-10

Expression of the Week

Seonwoo Hyuk: 저도 이젠 날 알아봐주는 사람을 만나고 싶어서요.

I want to meet someone who recognizes me for who I am now.

Seo Ji-soo: 그래요. 만나요. 우리. 

Yes, we should meet.

만나요 (We should meet)

만나다 – to meet; to go or come and be face to face with each other

Casual – 만나

Semi-polite – 만나요

Polite – 만납시다 

>>”만나요” is a casual expression saying “let’s meet”. For example “우리 다음주에 만나요” is 우리 = us, 다음주에= next week, 만나요 = let’s meet. In other words, it means “Let us meet next week”.

>>A common way 만나요 is used vernacularly is with “또” as a greeting. “(다음에) 또 만나요” literally means “let’s meet again (next time)” and is used to say “good bye” or “see you again(next time).” 

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