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The Producers (2) 답이없다

#Drama Lines l 2019-07-15

Expression of the Week

Jang In-pyo:솔직히 5.7이 일요버라이어티 시청률이냐? 

내가 옛날에 임백천씨랑 "슈퍼선데이" 할 때는 시청률이 35씩 막 나왔다고. 그 때 주제곡이 펫샵보이즈의 "고 웨스트"라고 참 좋았는데.

Is 5.7% even a rating for a Sunday variety show? When I was working on “Super Sunday” with Im Baek-cheon back in the day, we used to hit 35%. The theme song back then was “Go West” by the Pet Shop Boys. Those were the days. 

Kim Tae-ho:   좋았죠.

Those were the days.  

Ra Jun-mo:  국장님, 요즘은 매체가 많아서 지금 5.7이 옛날 한 15는 된다니까요. 

Mr. Jang. There are so many different types of media these days, so a 5.7 now would be around 15% back in the day. 

Jang:그거는 5.7 나오는 애들의 비겁한 변명이고. 이거 답이 없다. 엎자.

That’s a lame excuse for people who get 5.7%. This is hopeless. Let’s cancel it. 

Ra:  네? 아니, 국장님! 

What? Mr. Jang!!

Jang:이미 결정 다 난 사항이야.

It’s already been decided. 

안되죠? (It’s not going to work, right?)

안되다 – verb be unsuccessful; not make it

Casual – 안되지?

Semi-polite – 안되죠?

>>안되다 means to fail or not go well or for an affair or phenomenon to not take place properly 

ex) 사업이 안된다 – business is not going well

       이해가 안된다 – can’t understand 

>>In the dialogue, the writer is asking ‘안되죠?’ not to ask if the scheduling really won’t work, but to get confirmation from producer Ra that he is working on resolving the problem. 

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